Saturday, October 22, 2011

All work and no play makes me fairly indifferent.

Well it's Saturday night. The night for fun. The night for drinking. The night where dancing like this:

becomes acceptable, if not recommended. Yet here I am in my room with iPlayer and more M&Ms than sense. Go big or go home I suppose. Before people jump to the conclusion that I am so hated that people would rather stab their eyes out with forks than spend their weekend with me I want to make clear that I did have an invitation to go shake my thing (and/or stand awkwardly in the corner and fake text until my Phone battery died). I nearly went. Very nearly, but then I remembered that going out and drinking isn't half as fun as being bright eyed and bushy tailed for writing an essay on a Sunday afternoon in October. Also, if everyone goes out on the hallway I will have the place myself so I'll be able to coat the hallways with melted chocolate and kittens and roll around nude singing Westlife's greatest hits. Although, if it turns out that people are actually in I might have to scale down the operation and perhaps go watch something in the TV lounge, or buy myself a Fresca from the vending machine if I'm feeling a bit reckless.

I don't mind though. Luckily I spend so much time being whiny and sarcastic about every other element of my life, I tend to find that I don't have enough bitterness in my cold, cold heart to really be that bothered about staying in or going out on the weekend. I was told yesterday that I am a cold person, this should have bothered me, but given that I was being cold for criticising the Hull nightlife, I actually took it as a compliment. Anyway, in the text I was reading today it said that it is best to be nonconformist and that being inconsistent is the best thing if you use your intuition. Yesterday I felt like going Downtown. Today I don't. This basically makes me on par with God. Not to say that everyone who goes out on the weekends will go to Hell, but I mean if one of us is going to be saved in the rapture it is probably going to be me.

Today was good though. I went to Kelsey's with some girls from my floor today. When they invited me to Kelsey's, I did the "Yeah. Sure. I know what Kelsey's is" nod and I think it worked..

This is the Kelsey's logo. I think it is meant to be ironic judging by our 40 minute wait for the table, but I'm not going to sue them for libel...this time. The dinner itself was nice, except for the cramped table and the 10ft long menu which didn't really get along well with one another. Ordering also is still a somewhat terrifying experience. There are so many choices and extras and sides and sauces and and I'm still basically 10 years old so I need things to be simple and preferably done for me. It was educational though. I learned that Canadians pronounce 'parmesan' as 'parmarjarn'. An 's' should never be allowed to make a 'jar' sound, but I suppose nobody every corrected them. I found that in some of my classes too. I gave in a piece of group work and in the work (I wasn't the scribe) the word 'horse' was spelled 'hoarse', the word 'disappear' was spelled 'dissapear' etc. We got 100%. I mean I'm happy with 100%, but I also felt that maybe the prof. should have pulled us aside and said "Come on guys. This is second year English...horse isn't exactly a hard word. It isn't a shit hard word like onomatopoeia." This story was definitely not an excuse for me to show off the fact that I can spell onomatopoeia. However, it isn't a word I get to use very often, so I like to throw it in there while I can. Oops! Just dropped by book and it made a bang (onomatopoeia!).

Alright, enough about onomatopoeia and a little more about another pet peeve I have developed. I say 'pet peeve' at this rate I will be able to open a petting zoo. This wasn't a very funny joke using the word 'pet' which is a shame, especially because it reminded me that I still don't own a kitten despite having thought about kittens at least once a day for the last week or so. But anyway, the pet peeve. It started off with just one of my lecturers doing it, but my American Lit did it for the first time in my last class and it made me feel nervous and afraid.

Notice that I said 'in my last class'. This is acceptable. If I said 'my American Lit did it for the time on last day,' you would probably have to say this is sick, wrong and wholly immoral. If you have class on Wednesday and your next class is on Monday to say "The essay is due for next day" is not an acceptable way of informing the class that the essay is due for the Monday. It is ok though. I fully intend to take it up with the Canadian Prime Minister asap. and his name is .........................................waiting for google to load...........is Stephen Harper. I have noticed that I tend to look condescendingly upon people who don't know everything about Britain, but I still know anything about Canada.

Anyway, I think it's time to get this party started. Reading? iPlayer? TV lounge? The choices are literally three. Have a drink for me, and I'll have a bowl of M&Ms on your behalf.

Oh shit. Just thought about cats again


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