Monday, February 27, 2012

This might be overtly Nietzschen but..

Wow. I am crap at this blog stuff. I am so crap that when I typed my blog into my search bar it didn't recognise it and if I can't be bothered to look at it I can't see why anyone else would. Although this doesn't seem to the case. Against all odds I seem to be getting more views the less I post - possibly because people find my silence quite endearing. I have been told in the last week that I talk too much, that I'm a dick and that nobody likes me and this was all by friends, so I dread to think what the rest of society has to say about me.

For all that crap up there, I shouldn't be writing this blog right now. I should be reading "Breve relation du Voyage de la Nouvelle-France" which in my imagination is not quite as "breve" as I would have liked. I thought it was going to get exciting when their were storms which froze their hands, but then that bastard God decided to save them and let them get to the New World and since then it has just been prayer and partridge hunting. I like my French teacher and I feel bad that most of the class don't come or duck out half way through, but he really isn't doing himself any favours by picking texts which are so boring that I am having to drink 'Hard Lemonade' to get me through - also because I am generally just hard. I just decided to take a well deserved break though to take out the rubbish. People who think that my life in Canada is dull and unexciting have clearly never felt the joy of the garbage chute. You open it; the rubbish goes in and then..where does it go? Who knows! It is the joy of mystery enveloped in the smell of orange peel and salt and pepper crisps.


I just found this. Started from about 3 weeks ago and then abandoned because of some distraction or another. I am even more terrible at this blog stuff than I was 3 weeks ago. I will write something of value in the next day or so because even though I have a lot of work to do.

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