Sunday, September 18, 2011

Getting a life.

Word on the street is that is has become common blogging practice to upload a video of self in chitchatty mode. This is a good idea and has been part of Team Team code law for many eons. As I am wearing the traditional Exeter hoodie (represent Anne Worth) it would appear to be the perfect time to do so. However, I fear that my insane good looks may be too much to handle. Also I find that having my own voice played back to me is about as pleasant as putting a cat in a cement mixer. So I'm going to remain in technological obscurity and type. Perhaps I will occasionally throw in some edgy formatting like putting words in italics, or even underlining certain phrases as if they are important, when in fact they are just as mundane as the preceding ones. 

ANYWAY, it has now been over two weeks since I entered Canada. Within this time I have managed to spend an insane amount of money, made a name for myself as a social recluse and have eaten more pizza than should even be legal. I'm starting to question whether I even like pizza, but it has become a tradition here. Pizza and pasta, pizza and rice, pizza and pizza. We did attempt to branch out and eat a chicken lunch the other day. Only to be told by the finely named 'Chicken Chicken' that they did not serve chicken on a saturday. I didn't expect much from Chicken Chicken to be fair, but pretty much the number one think of my list of expectations for such a fine establishment was chicken. The woman almost sound like it was obvious - Chicken on a saturday?! Are you mad?!? Yes..Yes I am mad. Because I wanted chicken.

Started off details of my weekend by talking about Chicken makes it sound like I had the most dull weekend in the world, whereas in fact it was only the 9th most dull weekend in the world. A highlight of friday night was taking The Fishing Game on its first big night out. The night began with a less than inspiring start to the night where a game of Cranium nearly convinced me that I should pack my bags and head back home. I know what you are thinking. How can a game of Cranium have any negative effects? Surely it is a game sent from the Heavens that brings man, woman and child together in ways that were never before thought possible. Lies.

As we've only been here 2 weeks, it has been difficult to really get a grasp on people and their characters. Everyone is nice and sociable, but it is difficult to get beneath the surface. This weekend, however, I've developed the theory that there are 3 situations which allow you to truly to get to know someone -

1. When faced with a challenge (This is a shoutout to you, Jessica. Yeah, I do shoutouts.)
2. When drinking.
3. When playing boardgames.

I probably shouldn't say too much on the subjects really. I don't like to be a blogbitcher about people. I like to bitch face to face. It's more personal. Cranium can be touched upon though. It is amazing how it can only take a single person and a simple board game to turn the atmosphere in a room to lead. There was more tangible animosity, irritation and frustration within that room than I expect the collective population of Canada has felt since the start of their existence.

Every cloud has silver lining though, as the sheer amount of distress caused by this fateful eve drove me to a crossroads in my life. To stay in my room tearfully smacking my head against a wall, or to go for broke and try to cobble some sort of social life out of plastic fishes and my infallible British charm. The next few hours were good, until Jess broke one of the few remaining rods in the fishing game. Turns out Blind Fishing is a lot more extreme than we gave it credit for. Probably should have ended the night there, as stuff after that gets a little hazy. Not hazy drunk, just entered another form of Twilight Zone. Pretty much the polar opposite of that of the pep rally. I could write more upon the subject, but I like being kind of vague and mysterious. It gives me a false sense of power. I can sit on my chair, stroking my broccoli (not an innuendo. I repeat not an innuendo) and imagining people scratching their heads trying to decode my cryptic musings.

All I can do is to promise that in future I will try to avoid musing posts. I don't think I'm a very good muser. I just felt like procrastinating. And as a procrastinator when I feel like doing something, I always carry it out until the very........

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