Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Who am I?

I will add more about my wild Canadian lifestyle tomorrow after the illumination ceremony...which I seem to have a habit of pronouncing 'elimination' ceremony which is inaccurate. Although after multiple sleep deprived nights I wouldn't say no to a few casual eliminations here and there.

But anyway...we got an email the other day requesting us to do a student profile for the Exeter Study Abroad website, but as I have severe problems with sincerity and being a serious adult I thought I would fill it out here instead. This is also an easy way out of doing a proper blog post for another day. I should stop setting myself challenges.

Question 1 - add a picture of yourself.

If you hadn't guessed it. I'm the fellow on the left cowering from the terrifying fish man. God I hate fish. Although I do want a fish next term. A nice one. Not an eaty one. One with fun colours. Anyway..I digress.

Student Profile:

 Katharine Stewart

 English with a Study in North America

Type of study abroad: (i.e. Erasmus/Exchange/summer school)
Exchange (oo font changed itself...exciting)

Name of Institution and country:
 University of Carleton (yeah I hadn't heard of it either) - Canada. 

Current year of study: (i.e. 3rd year)

·        Why did you choose your particular programme at the University of Exeter?

 I chose this programme because I realised that I was lazy and I didn't know what I wanted to do, but I did know how to read books. I also know how to pretend to be profound when it matters most, and I know fun words like hamartia and onomatopoeia. Also I got rejected from Warwick and Edinburgh, but swings and roundabouts.
·         What do you enjoy the most about your programme?
     At Exeter I enjoyed that I only had 3 hours a week of class. In Carleton I enjoy that I have 12 hours of class but I enjoy them more. Except for French..that was an error in judgement. Sacre bleu. Also I get to read Holes and still pretend that I am a reputable English student.

·        Why did you choose to study abroad, and what made you choose that particular location?

 I chose to study abroad because I could, and because England can get a little dreary. I didn't choose the location...it chose me. Well that's not strictly true. I was happy to go  here, but it doesn't work so well for dramatic effect. I also was interested in going here because I saw that in the winter festival that there are slides made out of snow and then I remembered I was immature so I started the process of getting my Canadian Visa
·        What are you enjoying most about studying abroad?

 Chipmunks. Next?
·        What skills have you gained from your experience (personal and professional) on your time abroad?

 How to play the Big Dalmouti card game. How to get a 1st in an essay (hint - go to a Uni with slightly lower standards with those of your university back home). How to live in this beautiful  country - 
Step 1 - Lose the gun
Step 2 - Buy a canoe
Step 3 - Live multi-culturally
Step 4 - You're in! There is no more.
·        Have you overcome any challenges during your time abroad?

Dry Frosh Week.
·        Do you feel that studying abroad will help your employment prospects?

If I'm being employed as a recluse perhaps. Or maybe as a British nanny (apparently) - Mary Poppins hasn't got shit on me.
·        Do you have any advice or tips to share with future students considering studying abroad?

Bring money. Lots of money. Don't expect to be riding Polar Bears everyday..just every other day.

·        Would you recommend the study abroad experience?

I wouldn't kick it out of bed. 

Well I better start rehearsing..

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