Friday, August 26, 2011

7 Days left in Luxembourg.

It is now a week until I heave my suitcase to Findel airport at 5/6 o clock in the morning and wave goodbye to my sendoff party of none. 7 is a rather important number for my trip. There are 7 days left. My flight leaves at 7. I have lived here almost 7 years. And the population of Luxembourg is about 7 people.

Well...not 7. But to put it into perspective, the population of the third 'biggest' town is not so different from the number of students at Exeter - which in exaggerated mathematics is equal the grand total of 7 members overall who make up the population of Luxembourg.

Luxembourg isn't known for much except for banking. Essentially the day in the life of a Luxembourger is to roll around in money for a few hours and then drink 2euro wine til dawn. All while not appreciating the slightly comical word 'Luxembourger'.

However, despite the lack of self-mocking in some fields, I will miss Luxembourg somewhat while I am away.

Any country that can be behind such a masterpiece as this shall always hold a place in my heart:

Although unlike Papa Pingouin I regret that I cannot stay on my ice float.

Oh and another positive - It isn't Belgium.

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