Thursday, March 22, 2012

Faecal Solace.

This won't take very long as I have done pretty much nothing as of late so there is nothing worth telling. Actually I did go out once. We went to the Fox and Feather and played, pool and darts and they served me a Long Island Iced Tea which didn't taste of pineapple and disappointment for a change which was nice. One man asked me if I played darts professionally and if I had played many tournaments. I'm pretty sure I was busy scoring a grand total of 9 as he said this, but I guess he just thought I had the figure for it. I also had my first pizza pizza which was a blessing and a curse. I enjoyed it, but due to my slow eating habits by the time I had finished half the second half had done cold and dry. Candian pizzas have no stamina. Dominos at home takes at least a night before it goes into dry, stringy shameful mode...and it is only FIVE weeks until I am back in the UK and can test that theory as I watch BBC3 and play on Charles's trampoline.

But, until then it is going to be a little grim. I feel like I've gone back to school. I have work for everything all the time and it never seems to go away no matter how many essays I finish. It is a shame that I don't have so much of a chance to enjoy the last month or so here, although I am going to try to find some time for doing so during the exam period when I'm not packing/crying about my lack of knowledge of Sanskrit fairy tales. I'll also do some nice things when my Dad comes here in two weeks. I nearly wrote when my Dad comes out, but I realised that might lead to some raised eyebrows. When he gets here it will be my 21st, but hopefully I'll still be young and charming enough to get some free meals out. If not...I cry. I'm not sure how I feel about having my 21st in Canada. I rarely do anything that exciting for my birthday, but I usually do something. Here..who knows..who knows. Potatah. I can have my 21st next year anyway. Also when I'm back in England Charles is going to take me to the zoo so I can't really complain too much..although I'm me and I'm callous and ungrateful so I most likely will.

Anyway, I should do some research for this weekends essay of choice. I'm going back to basics and writing about women and gender in hope that I can make up for the shambolic essay of last weekend. I have accepted that all of my final essays are going to be fairy shambolic and this disheartens me somewhat. So much so that the other weekend I found myself at an all time low as I found myself starting to tear up to this:

Somebody help me.

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