Monday, March 12, 2012

I just did a terrible thing..

I'm having a little trouble sleeping these days. I have too many thoughts and not enough sedatives. I barely even drink any more so I can't even kill off a few brain cells and pass out on the pillow. As if this isn't tragic enough a scenario for some reason I decided to punish myself even further by going on my old hotmail account. Luckily it isn't my oldest hotmail account which got a virus and I forgot the password for many eons ago, but my hotmail account which I got towards the end of 2006 when I was about 15 I guess. Realising that I was 15 at the time has only made situation even more distressing. Up until this moment I had convinced myself that I could have only been 12/13, but deep down I knew that was impossible because I was getting emails from people in Luxembourg - well I say emails, I mean regular chain mail insisting that I forward it to 30 people so that my true love would kiss me at midnight...but from looking at some of my older emails I find it hard to believe that I've become someone that anybody would want to kiss..or even be around.

I guess this is the double-edged sword of technology. On the plus side it helps you organise your life and keeps a record of your past..and on the negative side it keeps a record of your past and all the stuff that you thought was cool at the time. A few of my chosen words/phrases that stood out were:

"Hi! This is another Katey Updatey!"
"relllllli funny! lolololol!"

and about a thousand more no doubt, but after a page or two I had to stop looking.

It has made me perhaps wonder if at the end of the year if I should keep this blog or not, because I have a horrible feeling that in 5 years time I'll be looking back on this with the same level of disdain and wondering why I use swings and roundabouts in every other post whether it is relevant or not. Or even more worryingly maybe I will be exactly like I am now and still think that the things I say are acceptable and I will end up sad and alone cuddling cats.

mmmm cats are fun.


  1. hahaha so facetious funny! I can see you laughing while watching this surprised kitty