Tuesday, March 13, 2012


As tomorrow it will only be 6 weeks until I leave it has made me reflect on the 6-7 months which have passed already. Well..I'm not going to write about all of those because I think I might send myself into a coma and I still have a few essays to write this term so I think staying concious is the only thing I can bring to my work right now.

Instead the other day I was looking through my early messages to people after I came to Canada and here are some of my first impressions. Many of which I have taken out of context. Also they were from Facebook so this is why none of them follow any grammatical laws known to man.

Some of my views have changed...some haven't....but you'll never know which ones mahaha.

they ok”

“people all very friendly. but you know you can talk to people without actually making connections.”

“some canadians say 'eh'”

jess had root beer. It was lame”

a boy let me blow his digeredoo so its all ok now”

was invited shopping this eve but all boys. i dont want to go watch them buy hammers and protein shakes”

“well there are canadian girls”
“are they any fit?:p”
“id do em”

“canadians say every animal is a pest .. i guess they spend too much time loving their fellow man”

“i also met some friendly raccoons while playing badminton”

“he plays the fool very well”

“i also just downed a vodka shot and felt nothing. not even the desire to vomit.”

“One guy is just REALLY irritating”

 “i think my fingers have turned to grass”

 “he's passive aggressive. which is another word for canadian.”

 “they like everythingthe buses tell you to have a great dayand their washing detergent is called 'totally awesome'”

that explains the moist sensation of a canadian September. any more questions?”

Now back to listening in French...or starting a game of Mahjong Titans.

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