Thursday, March 29, 2012

Salut. Je m'appelle Plebhead

Just a quick one regarding my plebbish nature. I definitely feel like it is the end of term right now and that my body and brain have shut down. This morning when I went to brush my tooth I very nearly made a pleb move. I had my mug in the cabinet so I wasn't really looking. I grabbed the first colourful object sticking out from behind said mug assuming it was my toothbrush..even though my toothbrush is blue and not pink and was on the verge of dowsing my razor in toothpaste before I realised what a tit I am. At the time I kind of laughed and smiled at the situation, I wouldn't have been laughing, smiling, talking, eating etc. or doing anything with my tongue for a very long time. Although, if it meant that I would stop talking..there are probably a lot of people who would have been egging me on to go through with it.

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