Thursday, March 29, 2012

They grow up so fast

Well tonight was a really nice evening. There was coffee, cake and the long overdue début of Miss Alyson Davies. It was lovely to see her have the confidence to take her music outside of Grenville (although it is nice to hear it here as it is a break from the drunken screams and the LOUD beats being pumped through my walls each and everyday) and to see her perform in front of people and get a really good reaction. And I, proud parent that I am captured the whole thing. Here is the best of the evening (unless she beats me and makes me remove it, but I hope she won't because I think it's really good). It is the best because even though she stumbled once or twice it was her own song and she only fully learned the words an hour or so before she went off to the show and dammit it is catchy.

I totally want some Alyson Davies merch.

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