Wednesday, April 18, 2012

7 Days.

First off I would like to apologise that my blog has become a massive spam hole. I don't know why it suddenly wants you all to join a dubious dating website, but you know maybe these things happen for a reason and you should sign up to appease the blog gods.

I was going to write a blog yesterday, but then my desire to do absolutely nothing kicked in and I decided to spend the whole day dossing about and drinking catnip tea instead. Catnip tea sounds like it should be vile and the work of the devil, but actually it is kinda nice..if you don't mind a sort of Feline aftertaste, which apparently I don't. Right now I am eating sundried tomato bread and drinking a frozen raspberry lemonade from Tim Hortons and it has left me in a state of serenity. The only thing that upsets me is that Tims has brought out this amazing drink so late in my time in Canada that I will barely have a chance to appreciate it before it is ripped away from me. It is also making me into a hideously boring person as I am finding it physically impossible not to tell people about how much I like this drink. I don't know why Tim Hortons hasn't hired me to promote them.

I currently only have one exam left. The final exam is renaissance..but even though it is a real subject and it is probably the subject that I am likely to do the worst in (largely because I have no idea what is going on) I am finding it near impossible to get into the revision mode for it. In my head it isn't a real course, and more of a thing on the side that I might do a bit of work for if I get the time...and besides 24 hours after the exam is over I'll be going to the Airport so what do I care? I should care much. This goes towards my final marks and therefore it goes towards my overall 2nd year grade with is a third of my final degree marks. But you know...this is REALLY good lemonade. The only thing that I have managed to absorb for my renaissance revision thus far is that Basile's collection of Folk Tales was called Lo Conti de le Cunti and it doesn't take a genius to realise why this is the only thing that is sticking in my immature head. So if that is the only question on the exam I am golden. However, I find this unlikely as he says there will be 6 "thirty minute essay questions". I'm not quite sure what a thirty minute essay it, but I cannot see this exam going well.

My Children's Lit exam was more successful though. Well. I say that, but that could be just me thinking I'm great and then eventually ending up with a sad little B- and feeling horribly embarrassed and ashamed. The questions were pretty ok. I think some people would have struggled as through group works it became apparent that most people thought reading the books was a bit of an effort. I however did not have said problem. I had also adopted the habit of repeating the names of authors/protagonists of texts to myself as if part of some terrifying ritual. However, it all paid off for the question section anyway.
One of my favourite questions was

"Does public school mean the same in the UK as it does in Canada? True/False." I imagine she chuckled to herself for a while over that one. Oh us crazy brits and our language that doesn't make sense. Whatever. Not making sense is cool. Or if it isn't..it's what I do regardless.

She also made life a lot easier for us by giving us the exact same quotation she gave in class which she had marked and sent back to us with how to get full marks on that question. Excellent. The essay was also...ok. But this is where I may have invented the doing well part. She gave a stern warning about "mortality" being an abstract topic and the importance of being clear and not using value judgements. I took it to believe that she was probably trying to trick us and I'm pretty sure my essay is abstract value judgements from start to finish. It did feel a bit strange that in a Children's Lit exam I was writing about mortality as being one of man's best attributes. I thought it was going to be all sorting hats and yellow spotted lizards. Alas not.

Apart from that it has mainly been procrastination. We went 5 pin bowling last night and once again I lamented the absence of the other 5 pins. I came last every time, but I felt it was a respectable last. I hit the pins every time..just not the high scoring pins and not very many at one time...and when there are only 5 pins and you are still not hitting that many..it isn't very good. But luckily when it comes to bowling I'm happy go lucky so I was still content.

I also did my final south keys trip today. I breathed in that walmart/loblaws air for the last time and waved goodbye to it as I walked back towards the O-Train. It was a little sad. Not REALLY sad, but just a little bit. I was quite partial to Loblaws world flavours crisps section and Walmart did provide me with a cheap and adequate suitcase for the long journey home next week.

Well. I've got a UK railcard on order and an empty case to be filled so it is time to prepare for the journey home (and avoid Renaissance at all costs).
Lo conti de li cunti...

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