Saturday, April 21, 2012

And then there were two...

Well. It is a cold, grey and unpleasant Carletonian day right now. But even worse than that I woke up (for the 2nd time this morning) at 11.30 to the realisation that Alyson's side of the room was empty and that she would never return. It felt poignant. More poignant than it did at 7.15 when I was bleary eyed and dazed from only having been asleep for a few hours. However, now I am awake and have my Bagel and Raspberry Lemonade (only 4 more days of me talking about this!) I can fully appreciate the gravity of the situation.

But I suppose first we should take a trip back down memory lane to when Alyson was still hermiting it up in Grenville. I had big plans to crack on with my revision yesterday..and I suppose I did more than I normally do...but given I had done no revision up to that point the bar was set rather low. I've made good headway on my notes even though they are scatty and basically consist of various profound statements which are entirely disconnected from one another and which are never explained. There are also quite a few notes about how many minutes of class there are left and a fair few about Patrick's Aristotelian, Nietzschen, Jungian brainwaves. Aswell as a few more vicious ones about the boredom he inflicted upon us by asking about stemma. Although I am quite far into my notes, I am yet to build a concrete idea of what is going to be on the exam. It's all a bit vague. We could have to explain the historical relevance of a dragon, or we could have to draw a dragon...who knows. He says that the most obvious things will be in the exam but MOST of what he talks about is his dysfunctional family and spunky girls. On the plus side I finally managed to make my Children's Lit prof happy and achieve a decent A on my essay. I finally managed to stop misusing my modifiers I guess....whatever that means. I read the essay back this morning to try and work out what I did right. As per usual going down the cheesy route wins the day...this is from my closing sentence:

they will always be connected through the maple trees which exist around them and which exist within them. "

It makes me feel ill to read it and I can't believe that these cold, British hands wrote those words. 

So after a long 3 hours of on and off revision I headed off to South Keys to meet the man who wanted to buy my flute. He called me in the morning which was amazing because it was the first phone call I've had all year..apart from when Olivia called me at 2.30 am demanding that I let her in. I was a little dazed and confused as what trouble I was causing by lying silently in bed, but it turned out she just called the wrong number and I was allowed to crawl back to my lair. I had some communication issues with this man so I decided it would be easier to meet at South Keys. He said he would be in a Green Something Car. He said the make of the car, but the only words that meant anything to me were Green and Car so I decided to stick with those. I went to meet him and got my money which shall keep me going for the next 4 days (and by keep me going I mean it will fund Canada hats and Cupcakes!) After I got the money he said he was going by Carleton anyway so would I like a lift. As he was a middle aged Peruvian man who was a complete stranger to me I decided that the best idea would be to get in his car. I like to think I'm a good judge of character and I was pretty sure there was going to be no abduction. I'd like to think even an actual sex pest would have to look at me and say "I think I could do better" so I am never really in fear of being kidnapped and sold into the sex slave trade. Also, if I was abducted as long as I was found and not brutally murdered I would probably have got a hefty compensation cheque from the insurance people so it was a win-win really. 

A few hours later after I had weighed everyone's suitcase a good few times (I have discovered a love for the suitcase weight. I pretend I am on world's strongest men) we headed off for the Farewell Works Meal. We stopped off on the way to leave Alyson's case with someone and her dogs. I wanted to play with them, but deep down I knew just how lazy I was. The toilets at the Works were downstairs and I just couldn't see myself making the perilous journey downstairs to wash my hands before my free Tower O' Rings. So...alas I could do nothing but stand with my hands in my pockets as the dogs clawed at my legs and I complimented one of them on his Big Bird nappies. 

The Works itself was heavenly..of course. I felt for Alyson as she had to pick a burger when there were a few she liked the look of. I had been there several times and had got to experience all the burger joy that I wanted, but she was in a Sophie's Choice situation, except she was choosing between onions and bacon. Finally..she chose both. 

We then came home. Listened to the usual playlists. Wrote goodbye messages. Drank small amounts. My favourite was Jess and her CAN of Smirnoff Ice as if she was preparing to return to the UK and immerse her self in Chav culture. We also went to the Lounge for a final (or possibly first?) socialise of the semester. Yesterday was the big 4.20 celebration so it was quite a low key, quiet celebration with one guy who spent most of it with his head in his hands and punched the air when his friends wanted to go home. A lasting memory for Alyson and her last night I am sure. I also felt a bit sick after being in there as it stank of tar and finality. 

And then before I knew it...my alarm went off. 7.10 am. It proceeded to go off at regular intervals just to remind me that time was running out and then we watched alyson haul her incredibly packed bag down the empty corridors as Grenville. As she reached the final door she did the all important turn back for one final glance at me and Jess. Then poofff. Alyson was gone and only Jess and Kate remained to fight on till the very end.

To be continued...

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