Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Morning has broken (me).

Well I was supposed to write more about the wild happenings of my life, but unfortunately my demanding social life (with my dad) and my hectic study (procrastination) timetable have kept me pretty much booked to the point where I have just wanted to hide in a hole where nobody can find me and sleep there for a month or so until this whole exam fad blows over.

Against all odds though I did wake up at 7.15 which means I have only been up for 35 minutes, but I can already feel myself starting to slump. Waking up was somewhat like this:

and then the initial "OH yeaaaaaaaah I'm up early and I can do anything! Cue the rocky montage people!" kind of thing. Then a shower. Then get ready and then and then. Shlump. Goodbye energy. Hello tiredness and fear. I would always have been tired, but I like to think I would have been slightly less tired if some Grenvillains hadn't awoke me at 3am. I don't understand why Canadians speak more loudly than people at home, but every now and again this question becomes the bane of my life....until the next thing irritates me anyway.

I feel fairly confident for my American Lit exam. Well.. I have to be, because I'm pretty sure my research essay was written by the 5 year old inside of me and the 5 year old lacks some basic essay writing abilities. Dumb blonde. So this exam could go either way. I could get energy burst 2 and write for 3 hours about how the melting pot was more of a limp looking salad or maybe I will just stare into space for 2hrs59 then in the final minute burst into song. Both are possibilities right now.

At least after my exam is finished I can come home and snooze....oh no, wait. Nope. My Dad is coming out for our farewell lunch (at the Carleton caff) and for me to give him some of my crap and a form to get me some more luxembourgish gold.
At least after my Dad is gone I can come home and snooze...oh no, wait. Nope. I have to revise for my French exam which the cruel mistress of Fate decided to space at 7pm this evening. Yes. 7pm-10pm. Which means when the exam starts I will have been awake and full of resentment for almost 12 hours. Recently I have been going to bed earlier and getting tired earlier, but a 3hr exam takes about 6 hours worth of energy out of me, which basically means I should be falling asleep during my French exam. Excellent! Carleton, sometimes I despise thee..
I think I will inevitably have to have some kind of nap before French otherwise I think my brain might decide to make a getaway and curl up in bed before I leave and leave my stupid body in the driving seat for the French exam and the results could be fairly dire.

Well...all this talk of naps, sleep and exhaustion seems to be making me even more knackered, so I should probably go and find every pen that I own in case everypen I own but one stops working in the exam, or at least I can be the crazy pen girl in the exam. Then in 15-20 minutes, to the Field House where the party shall commence.

Oh America....

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