Thursday, April 19, 2012

The final stretch.

Well as my exam draws a day closer and I realise that I am fairly ignorant to an awful lot of what we have learned this semester that I should really buckle down and do everything but study. I may leave Carleton a failure, but I will at least have all my belongings packed and improving my packing skills is pretty much what I came here for. I won my scholarship by comparing the year abroad to packing up my life and I like to think that in "packing" endlessly I am just proving my devotion to the cause and showing the BUTEX people that they have made the right decision. 

Thus far today I have added even MORE books to my "To be taken to Haven collection". I am pretty sure I'm developing some serious arm strength from all the times I have lifted that beast onto the bed in the last week. I weighed it earlier and it is already at 19 kilos..4 more kilos than my 1st suitcase for taking home. It took me some time to realise this though as I am a massive pleb. I used the luggage weighing thing, but because my case weighed exactly 15kilos it obscured the number 15 and the only thing that I could see was the weight in pounds and because of my plebbish nature I read the pounds as kilos and was sent into a state of despair and bewilderment that my case could be in the 30kilo region when it was less full than when I came out and also I could left it fairly easily. Luckily about 15 minutes of sadness later I realised the plebbish nature of my ways and looked at the kilos and all was right in the world. It all works out well. I don't have that much left to pack in terms of clothes and whatnot which means there shall be plenty of room for owl globes, panda toys and Canada hats which are all essential in their own ways.

I have also being re-organising my money. I have 19 dollars in Canadian change (well in silver coloured change. Copper change shall never be spoke of) which is pretty good. I'm thinking a lot of Raspberry Lemonades going to be coming my way (Raspberry Lemonade plug number 1 of the day). This will also go towards beaver tails and extravagant cupcakes and help me to find food/entertainment during my 3 boring hours at Toronto airport in....SIX. DAYS. I don't have big money plans for the rest of the time here. I am going to the Works tomorrow, possibly out on Saturday, buying some Carleton merch of some sort, cupcakes, souvenirs and then I'm out of here. Although, all of this coming to light does rely on the mysterious man who wants to buy my flute. His name is Jorge and is known in the area for his Latin American music and his involvement in some sort of housing scam (he was the scammed, not the scammer.) I'm sure he is a perfectly nice man, but I'm always a little wary of people who write all their emails in capital letters and spell because "becose", but hey if he funds my final days in Canada then I will even go as far to let him spell great "gr8". shudder. 

So it is all looking pretty good and pretty FINAL right now. I have collected up my euros and my pounds. I have spent the last few minutes simply marvelling at the sheer weight of the pound coin:

Isn't it just one of the most satisfying looking coins in the world? Doesn't the thickness and the weight of one of these bad boys make you feel like a king?? Isn't it AMAZING that you can go into poundland and buy cheap tat for A POUND...like an actual pound...none of this added tax at the checkout stuff??? One pound is worth 36 party poppers, 3 packs of fajita mix, an unauthorised DVD about Katie Price!!!! And all of this exists in one small yet beastly coin. 

Jesus. I'm getting overwhelmed. I think I need a raspberry lemonade (plug number 2). 


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