Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Procrastination Celebration.

Hello! Yes. I am posting yet again. I have decided that I want to get to 100 posts before this year is out...or possibly do my 99th post on the 25th April and do my 100th when I am back in England as a kind of conclusive "yaaay we made it" kind of thing. I don't know who the we is in this equation. I guess the we could be a number of people. It could be me and Jess (and Hannah...but not Hannah because she is travelling around like the little voyager she is) who ambled to Canada at the same time and shall arrive back in London together...unless one of our planes beats the other one to Reykjavik by a long way. It could be about me and Charles as we have long distanced it up for the past 7 months and have only seen each other for two weeks. It could be me and all of the Canadians who  have tolerated me and my ways and who I have tolerated when they used to endlessly speak to me in a poor cockney accent. Or it could be me and the people who read this..especially the people who have read this and who have had to put up with a lot of gibberish and whining and not enough pictures of cute animals.

In the last two days I have given in a final essay and finished two classes...although I still have my exam for my French class, but for the time being I am in blissful denial about that. Should definitely finish the book some day. Definitely. Yeah. Just need to stop myself from getting distract....AAAH a groundhog!! Finishing my French class felt a little bit like heaven. When he said we could go an hour early I thought I was going to cry with happiness. The only good thing in this class is that we are allowed the book in the exam and I have been scrawling notes like a BEAST in the margin over the last few weeks so hopefully when I have my standard "OH FUCK IT IS A 7PM THREE HOUR EXAM" nervous breakdown I will have something to fall back on and I can try to construct an essay or two out of my poorly written, grammatically incorrect annotations...most of which are probably just "eww", "aww" and "argh" but it's a start. Hm. What is the French for "argh"?

Finishing the Drama class was a more sentimental affair. We had our final performance of the play which I think, on the whole, went pretty well. I felt pretty much okay about the play up until just before the beginning. First my renaissance teacher plonked himself down in the front row which was a little off putting and then Courtney was frantically reciting her lines before we went on set. I was a little tempted to lie down and play dead, but I thought that it would perhaps be a tiny bit unfair on the other people in the class so I decided to man up and do the scene, even though it meant I had to scale the steps of doom in the Architecture Pit 3 times during the performance. I was pretty sure I was either going to fall or flash the audience on one of these trips (this isn't a pun about tripping over), but I figured if it did happen I'm going to leave the country pretty soon anyway so I might aswell leave my mark. Even if that mark was a horrible image, burned into the eyes of an audience who would spend at least 4 years in therapy trying to get over the horror I would have exposed them to. Luckily, that didn't happen and it all went pretty much to plan. My scene was on pretty early so for most of the play I was just sitting around and listening, but I also had some other jobs like carrying a mic stand and switching on the outside lights so I'm pretty sure Hollywood will be on the phone by sunrise.

Afterwards we went to Ollie's where I got to drink wine and appear the sophisticated British girl with the sophisticated drink, but in reality I'm just a sad, pathetic Wino who was lamenting the fact that it wasn't 2euros and I couldn't drink outside a bar from the bottle like a Luxembourgish street rat. Not long to go now though. On the whole it was a good night. Got to know some people better....got to know more than I needed to know about some people, but luckily I have a poor memory so it will all be gone by sunrise...just in time for my Hollywood call. I did get that weird feeling of "Wow. I am actually leaving." and realising that people who spent 3 hours a week with every Monday for a year I won't see again.I think I would probably feel that more in that class than in any others, just because it is one of my few genuinely fun classes....not that I don't find incest in small Quebec towns a blast and a half, but you know what I mean.

I also just did the ceremonious removal of door tags from my room door in Grenville. This isn't strictly necessary right now, but I felt on the eve of my 21st it had some symbolic value. I have no idea what that value is, but I feel like if you say something has symbolic value people will probably believe you and not ask any questions..unless you are like my English professors who don't seem to approve of my outlandish unexplained statements, but you know. Tough. It is also probably a good idea to take them down as school is coming to a close, because I'm sure Grenville is going to get a little rowdy and my door has thus far survived the drunken 4am rip downs, but I don't want to get too complacent. There are some things I will miss about Canada...but 4am drunken rip time..you are already dead to me.

Well, I should probably go spend the last hour or so of my 20th birthday chowing down on some MLA citations. Feel free to wish me a happy birthday and worship me as your idol, because like I said...I'm leaving in 3 weeks. Make them count. Whereas, I will just sit back and wait for people to come to me like the lazy slug that I am.


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