Saturday, April 14, 2012

Two hours later...

Ok. Some time has passed as already the cracks have begin to show in regards to the Voice. I'm still enjoying it, but I'm also growing gradually more frustrated.
Obviously one of the main reasons is the staged judges banter. I hated it on the X Factor and I hate it here. Luckily it is on youtube so I can skip an awful lot of the dross.
The patronising "we're the fools for not turning our chairs around" and "I can't fault you". You can't say you are perfect, but we don't want you. These two statements do not mesh well together. It is just sugaring a pill.
Also, lots of the time it seems the judges are feeling more pity for themselves than for the people who have just had their dreams crushed and their confidence knocked.

Oh shit. This blog was supposed to be about my experience in Canada and not just angry ramblings about UK reality television isn't it?

Erm. Maple syrup. Beavers. Eh?

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