Monday, April 9, 2012

Another cheat.

Once again I am cheating by not really posting a blog at all, but by giving a preview of what is to come. As the rains fell over the magical land of Ottawa we bid farewell to nature and searched for excitement elsewhere.
It was just war, stream locomotives and towers of onion rings...

Parliament on a wet afternoon in Spring. 
 The Boer War.
What I fear most in society. 

I would also like to add (and as I am the sole writer of this blog I can add whatever I like so really this goes without saying and all this superfluous rambling is the reason why I shall probably get no higher than a B on any of my essays. If I get a B. They just politely ask me not to come to my exams or perhaps send me back to kindergarten for some basic training skills) that I have been sitting in bed with the book "Beloved" for the past hour, but despite Toni Morrison's inquisitive gaze burning deeply into my retina from the corner of my eye the book remains unopened.. The good thing about denial and procrastination is that it really fills the days up. The bad thing about denial and procrastination is that they are bad things, especially given my exams start on Wednesday. Of course I will make up for it tomorrow with an all day study sesh...or perhaps I will wake up late, go to the supermarket, come home, do 5 minutes work and then amble on down to downtown where I will receive belated birthday gifts and fine food and drink. Yes. Yes I think that plan will work better. As the wise Jeremy says "I didn't go to university to get a degree." and I tend to think that he is a rather good role model.


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