Monday, April 16, 2012

One moment in time..

This is a picture of the mygrades section on Carleton right now:

It is beautiful because it combines the first letter of the alphabet with one of my favourite mathematical symbols and it is all mine.
However, I am aware this is the calm before the storm. It is as if Carleton has handed me a pack of fruit pastilles and at the top they are all there are only red and purple ones, but at the bottom they are inevitably going to be all green and yellow - the untermenschen of the Fruit Pastille hierarchy.
I am aware that I shall be waving goodbye to my A plus average in French lit fairly shortly given the fact that I wrote an awful lot of the exam with my eyes half closed. I spent a long time flicking through the dictionary and absorbing the new book smell. It was a treat for the senses, but I can't help but to think it probably didn't benefit my exam too much. Alas, I am proud to have clung on to it for so long that 90.05 has been a glorious friend.
American Lit. Well. Yeah. Never going to happen.
Children's Lit. I could either do average or do well. I'm going to put my money on average. I haven't got my final essay back yet, but since she's a grammar nazi and I refuse to comply to grammatical rules on moral grounds I am pretty sure I am going to get docked around 10 percent before she has even come to marking the content of the essay. This isn't even an exaggeration. She is a big fan of concrete nouns and my essay is pretty much 100% figurative. People are trees. Trees are people. Blah blah. Look to your roots and find yourself. Just lots of stuff I don't believe in and which I have explained terribly. So you know. Outlook is bleak. So probably saying adieu to my A in that aswell, though hopefully the exam gods will be kind and at least let me keep an A-. There were burgers at lunch which I always consider to be a good omen, but every now and again I do question my belief in the Carleton Cafeteria as being some sort of oracle.
And Renaissance Lit. That's just a blank. So far I'm at a cool 0%. And with my poor knowledge of virginity preserving Dragons, rapist tuna fishes and arrogant hedgehogs...I can't see it going to well.

Oh well. Only 10 days until I can curl up in a double bed in England and all I will have to worry about for a while is how many bags of popcorn I'm going to buy to feed the animals of Amneville zoo.

Children's Lit Exam in 3 hours.
Let's go.

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