Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tick Tock

Well like I said I want to try to end at 99/100 posts before I leave to make my departure seem even more monumental and worth celebrating/commiserating (delete as applicable, but if you are Canadian and you are celebrating my departure...ouch..). Having my Dad here and having exams has meant that I have now got plans/life etc. so keeping up on my blog schedule is proving tougher than I thought. Probably by the end I will end up cheating and posting one word blogpots or pointless youtube videos. Actually, this blog post is pretty much a cheat in itself. I would like to write more, but once again my body has gone into shock from having had to do some exercise. Although today I went on a 10 mile stroll with my Pa so I feel my knackeredness is fairly justified, especially since I spent the whole journey into town reading about the failure of the Melting Pot in America to the point where I could feel my soul crying. It was sad. But I intend to give a real update on my life and actions tomorrow in between revision periods and the standard "I HAVE A VISITOR SO NOW I HAVE  A VALID EXCUSE TO GO TO THE WORKS" burger trip. So until then here is some proof that against all odds and about 6 months later than planned...I made it to Gatineau Park!

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